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INTELLIGENT FIXTURE Sensors and Controllers

INTELLIGENT FIXTURE Sensors and Controllers

Douglas Lighting Controls’ Intelligent Fixture Sensors (IFS) and Intelligent Fixture Controllers (IFC) are designed to be integrated directly into luminaires. The IFC and IFS support single and dual channel 0-10V dimming LED drivers and are powered by the driver’s 12VDC or 24VDC auxiliary power output. They are designed to fit directly into standard ½” electrical knockouts and are networked using Bluetooth Wireless Technology. The system is commissioned and configured via a free app on the iTunes App Store (BTCC). This app uses the on-board Bluetooth Technology on the iOS product to configure and commission the devices and system.

IFC and IFS are also part of our wireless lighting control ecosystem which includes load controllers, occupancy/daylight sensors, and wall station switches, each using Bluetooth communication technology. The Douglas Bluetooth system is ASHRE 2016, Title 24, and WSEC compliant. It can provide all the necessary control schemes for Occupancy (Occupancy, Vacancy, Partial ON, Partial OFF), Primary & Secondary Daylight Harvesting, and Demand Response.
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