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Klein Tools' New Protective Headgear

Klein Tools' New Protective Headgear

In designing and engineering a new line of protective headgear, Klein Tools looked to build gear with innovative features while still providing the superior protection Klein is known for. This led the team to combine the knowledge they already had from Klein’s award-winning hard hats and translating it into new and improved products.

Both hats and helmets come in Class E Non-Vented and Class C Vented models and are tested to the latest standards for front/back and side impact, penetration and lateral deformation.

The Class E models are tested up to 20kV, for use where electrical protection is required, while the Class C models feature adjustable vents for maximum air circulation.

All models feature specially designed suspension systems to offer enhanced stability and secure fit, along with an open-frame design for optimal air circulation.

Another innovative feature is the large ratchet knob, making adjustment to fit easy, even when the user has gloves on.

Additionally, all models feature a breathable sweatband and top pad made from sweat-wicking, machine washable padding, adding to the comfort and extended lifespan of the products.
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