Single LED Lamp Lighting Kit

Single LED Lamp Lighting Kit

Engineered Products Company’s (EPCO) Single Lamp Lighting Kit provides a low-cost temporary lighting solution for commercial and residential electrical contractors, drywall contractors. Easily fits within your budget for small construction, renovation, retrofit projects, maintenance and repair services.

• Suitable for indoor and damp applications.
• Multi-Lamp capability. Accommodates an A21 LED Lamp (P/N: 15681), A23 incandescent lamp (150-watt maximum) or a Compact Fluorescent Lamp (P/N: 15680).
• Simple installation; pre-cut 7" conductors and pre-attached WAGO® connectors.
• Weather-resistant lamp socket.
• Impervious to dust, dirt, chemical vapors, and other corrosive elements.


• Snap off and on safety cage; secure closure clasp facilitates lamp changes.
• Two configurations available (see Part Number tab for more details):
• Without a Lamp (P/N: 16024)
• With a 10-Watt LED Lamp (P/N: 16025)


• Meets the requirements of the 2020 National Electrical Code.
• Meets OSHA requirements 1926.56.

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