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Minimize electric shock hazards with self-testing Hubbell portable GFCI devices

Minimize electric shock hazards with self-testing Hubbell portable GFCI devices

Hubbell Wiring Systems
12/07/2022 - Protect workers on the jobsite or assembly floor with portable GFCI devices. New self-testing GFCI line cords, plugs, and modules from Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems add safety for people in indoor or outdoor applications.

Hubbell portable GFCI devices provide effective ground fault protection by interrupting power to equipment loads when leakage to ground reaches 4-6 milliamperes. Rugged Circuit Guard® modules, line cords, and plugs are now self-testing per the latest UL 943 standard.

  • Available automatic or manual set features fit the application
  • Watertight housing maximizes safety in harsh environments
  • Bright indicator light provides fault confirmation from a distance
  • Heavy-duty construction provides long, reliable service

The 3R rated GFCI module is the only product of its kind that can be device mounted in a standard single gang box. It delivers the best solution for OEMs for incorporating into products such as welders, generators, and spider boxes. Additionally, end users can install the module into portable outlet boxes to make safer cord drop solutions. Automatic Set vs. Manual Set for line cords, plugs, and modules Automatic Set models auto-restore power to equipment after a temporary power failure. This is perfect for applications that require continuous operation, such as pumps or refrigeration.

Models with the Manual Set feature add safety for situations where operator injury might occur if equipment restarts after an interruption. This includes power tools like drills, saws, lathes, and grinders.

The Automatic Set and Manual Set features describe the device’s reset protocol after a power failure. When either style device trips due to a ground fault condition, it must be manually reset by pushing the reset button.

Learn more about self-testing portable GFCI devices from Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems. Contact your Hubbell sales representative or visit
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