High Lumen LED Filaments

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    Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters … On Bluetooth!

    Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters … On Bluetooth!

    Nobody wants to burn. That’s a given, right? And no one wants to see their house go up in flames … or that of their family or friends. Electrical contractors never want to see their customers’ homes destroyed by an electrical issue.

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    UNISTRUT® Unistrut Corp.
    Unistrut Corp.


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    Intermatic, Inc.
    Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.
    TCP Lighting
    Arlington Industries, Inc.

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    Manufacturer's catalog number: ULT-12-Z

    ECM Industries - ULT-12-Z

    CU CMP (R)3/0-4/0STR(T)3/0-4/0STR F-D3 D
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