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Diva smart dimmer - a new look to the Caséta Family

Diva smart dimmer - a new look to the Caséta Family

Introducing the NEW Diva smart dimmer and the Claro smart switch
  • All you love about the original DIVA design, now with the smarts of the Caséta system
  • Complements existing paddle switches in most homes
  • No neutral required – allows for easy-install in homes of all ages

Intuitive design that offers simplicity, style, and control
  • Additional designer style to coordinate with your customers’ existing paddle switches
  • Signature Diva and Claro lighting controls with built-in smart technology
  • Easy-to-install with wired and wireless 3-way options
  • Works with existing Caséta smart lighting controls

The Caséta advantage — comfort, control, and peace of mind
  • Customized schedules allow customers to always come back to a well-lit home
  • Personalized scene control to set the mood for any occasion
  • Multiple points of control from virtually anywhere — remote, app, switch, or voice
  • Most connected – works with more smart-home devices than any other smart lighting control brand
Maestro Dual Controls with LED+ Technology
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