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AFC Cable Systems® Barrel Pack System Simplifies Transport of Cable on Jobsites

AFC Cable Systems / Atkore International
New Bedford, MA (May 6th, 2020) – The Barrel Pack System packaging solution from AFC Cable Systems® allows for easy transport of large cable quantities and reduces scrap on jobsites. Its 75-gallon fiber barrel design simplifies cable handling with an easy pull and a lever-locking steel band lid. Each metal clad barrel is 43" high with a 23" diameter and can hold up to 400 lbs.

This system can be combined with accessories including the Barrel Pay-Off Tripod and Harper Barrel Truck. The omni-directional Pay-Off Tripod mounts the Barrel Pack System to guide the cable without needing to rotate the direction of the pull. Once finished on the jobsite, the tripod can be manually collapsed for storage.

The Harper Barrel Truck can be used to transport the cable barrels to different locations on the jobsite. Designed for barrels up to 48" high, the barrel trucks are equipped with a footrest for positioning under barrels and a sliding chime hook that can be adjusted and replaced for steel and fiber barrels.

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About AFC Cable Systems:
AFC Cable Systems, Inc., part of Atkore International, is a leading manufacturer of electrical products, tracing its origins to 1926. AFC supplies a broad range of innovative, cost-saving products to the electrical industry.  These products include: armored and metal clad cables, flexible metal conduits, non-metallic, and liquid-tight conduits as well as modular wiring systems, and electrical fittings. AFC Cable Systems provides products used in new construction, restoration and modernization of commercial office buildings, institutional facilities, healthcare, and more.
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