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Appleton™ PlexPower™ Motor Starters

Appleton™ PlexPower™ Motor Starters

Experience the new standard in component protection solutions, the Appleton™ PlexPower™ Motor Starters by Emerson. Building on the technology of the Appleton PlexPower Panelboards, they provide component level protection for off-the-shelf motor starters. This means every component has its own module with its own flame path. This compartmentalization technology limits exposure and accidents, diminishes the risk of damaging the flame path, and creates greater flexibility and convenience.

Its lightweight, modular level protection design, off-the-shelf replaceable components, and quick quarter-turn access latches make the PlexPower Motor Starter an ideal solution to traditional cast and bolted systems. Delivering Class I, Division 2, Groups B, C and D, NEC and CEC certifications in a Type 4X rated enclosure, PlexPower Motor Starters provide superior electrical apparatus protection, control and convenience, in hazardous, wet, and corrosive environments. In addition, the PlexPower design tends to be slimmer than many of its cast enclosure competitors and can be configured in single or multiple motor starter designs to save even more space while meeting your exact specifications.

Choosing a PlexPower Multiple Motor Starter Panel over a traditional cast switch rack solution saves space, requires fewer people to install, and doesn’t need conduit seals or cable glands. Less cable is needed for installation and it’s easier to add to or upgrade capacity without adding additional enclosures. PlexPower™ is not only limited to switch rack mounting. The enclosures can be mounted standalone at various locations throughout a facility, giving you the application convenience you need while saving you space for hazardous environments looking for a flexible, lightweight alternative to traditional cast and bolted systems.

Indoors or outdoors, in weather exposed and corrosive environments, the Appleton PlexPower Motor Starters by Emerson provide the ideal electrical distribution and control for every part of your facility.
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