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PanelGuard™ Industrial-Grade Surge Protection

PanelGuard™ Industrial-Grade Surge Protection

Protect commercial and industrial facilities from costly equipment failures with PanelGuard from Intermatic. The customizable parallel-connected solution offers up to 7 modes of protection and is an excellent fit for both new construction and retrofit projects. PanelGuard is designed to react quickly to eliminate surges, providing optimal protection to downstream equipment. It protects all types of loads fed from individual disconnects, sub-panels, distribution panels and service entrance locations.

PanelGuard makes it easy for specifiers to implement a robust surge protection solution that’s tailored to meet project and application needs. The PanelGuard L Series includes 4 modes of surge protection and two housing options. It’s a great option for flexible projects that require a base level of surge protection. The upgraded PanelGuard H Series includes 7 modes of protection in a single housing size, making for a premium defense against unexpected surge events.

Don’t risk a costly equipment failure or service stoppage. Contact the Intermatic Technical Sales team to discuss how PanelGuard can provide lasting protection against industrial and commercial power surge issues.
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