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Sustainable Power Meets Unmatched Safety: Electri-Flex's Liquatite®  for Renewable Energy

Sustainable Power Meets Unmatched Safety: Electri-Flex's Liquatite® for Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy installations such as solar, wind, electric vehicle (EV charging), and geothermal provide an infinite supply of clean energy. Safely delivering the power that facilitates renewable energy systems to operate, requires these liquid-tight solutions to address unique challenges.

Liquatite® Types, ATLA, LA, NM, NMHT, and ABR are UL-listed and CSA certified, guaranteeing compliance with the highest safety standards.

Types ALTA and LA have a flexible galvanized inner steel core providing high mechanical strength and durability. Their robust construction provides resistance from sunlight (UV) rays, oils, and mild acids, and are flame retardant. Both types are UL listed and CSA Heavy Duty, meaning they pass additional testing above and beyond started UL 360 tests and can stand up to tough environments.

Types NM and NMHT are liquidtight nonmetallic conduits made of flexible PVC with a spiral of rigid PVC reinforcement embedded in the wall. Both offer excellent protection from sunlight (UV), abrasions, mild acids, alkaline, and oils. Additionally, Type NMHT can withstand extreme high/low temperatures.

For a lightweight UL-listed non-jacketed flexible aluminum ‘blue ribbon’ solution, Type ABR is constructed of high-strength aluminum alloy.

The versatility of these Liquidtight electrical conduits showcases Electri-Flex’s commitment to innovation and high quality through performance, durability, and safety. Learn more about these Liquatite® conduits ideal for renewable energy installations,
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