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Emerson Introduces Environmentally Robust Control Stations and Tumbler Switches for Hazardous Locations

Emerson Introduces Environmentally Robust Control Stations and Tumbler Switches for Hazardous Locations

The Appleton Contender 4/4X Series factory sealed design significantly reduces maintenance and replacement costs lowering Total Cost of Ownership compared to traditional market solutions.

Processing hazardous materials requires reliable power distribution and controls to operate efficiently and supply the world with the important commodities it needs, yet these electrical control devices are challenged by exposure to harsh weather, corrosion, moisture, and other foreign materials. To solve this problem, Emerson today announced its AppletonTM Contender™ 4/4X Series control stations and tumbler switches featuring a superior gasketed design offering Type 4, 4X, 12 and IP66 ingress protection. This introduction brings more cost-efficiency, performance, and reliability to oil and gas, wastewater, grain milling, and other processing industries operating in harsh environments including Class I, Division 2 and Zone 2, Class II, and Class III locations.
"Explosionproof, Division 1 rated control stations and tumbler switches lack sufficient ingress protection, leading to device failure, high maintenance costs, and more frequent replacements, especially when exposed to corrosive elements," said Donald LaCombe, Sr. Product Marketing Specialist for Emerson. “Leveraging a gasketed design and a superior material finish, the Appleton Contender 4/4X Series offers a protective barrier from harmful corrosion and prolonged exposure to the elements, adding value and lowering total cost of ownership."
Unlike Explosionproof, Division 1 rated control stations and tumbler switches, the Appleton Contender 4/4X Series utilizes a gasketed cover and devices as well as O-rings supplied on captive stainless steel screws. Additionally, this series comes standard with iron back boxes utilizing the Appleton patented triple-coat finish, in addition to a durable epoxy powder coat finish supplied on device covers and optional aluminum back boxes for Type 4X rating. These design enhancements prevent ingress that leads to device failure and component corrosion over time.
Replacing corroded units can be difficult and time consuming, especially in scenarios when severely corroded cover screws strip during cover replacement or discovering the back box is compromised resulting in more costly full unit replacement. The Contender 4/4X Series design addresses these issues reducing future maintenance and replacements so that time can be spent on more vital tasks.
The Appleton Contender 4/4X Series also represents a cost-effective alternative to non-metallic control products. Non-metallic enclosures are typically fabricated from fiberglass-reinforced polyester that inhibit corrosion yet cost more than their metallic counterparts.
Device covers are available for facilities looking to upgrade to the Appleton Contender 4/4X Series that have an existing install base of Appleton EDS Series back boxes. Furthermore, Contender 4/4X Series device covers are UL Classified to mount on existing Crouse-HindsTM EDS Series back boxes and don’t require the use of grease or installation of plastic cover accessories for equivalent environmental protection.
Depending on the application there are a variety of control station devices and device options for a tailormade solution, including momentary and maintained mushroom head push buttons, 2 or 3 position selector switches, Vac or Vdc LED pilot lights, 1 or 2 N.O./N.C. contact blocks, and custom legend plates among others.
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