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Fast, Reliable, Efficient Terminations with Hubbell’s New Category 6 Jacks featuring Cobra-Lock Termination

Fast, Reliable, Efficient Terminations with Hubbell’s New Category 6 Jacks featuring Cobra-Lock Termination

To help installers complete more projects and reduce rework, Hubbell Premise Wiring is pleased to announce a new, premium Category 6 UTP jack with Cobra-Lock termination. From the beginning of 2020, installers have enjoyed working with Hubbell’s Category 6A and shielded jacks with Cobra-Lock termination. Now, they can utilize all the Cobra-Lock benefits on their Cat6 UTP projects.

Cobra-Lock Termination simplifies and streamlines installation, with no chance for tool misalignment. Wires are held in place under constant compression.

Requiring less know-how than traditional punch-down jacks, newly trained installers can be up and running quickly with no special tools needed. Instead, termination is completed by hand, with lower levels of force required as compared to other options. This provides a quicker, more repeatable termination process that reduces technician variability and the likelihood of human error.

Cobra-Lock utilizes a removable wire manager to orient and hold wires in place. The wires are cut flush with industry-standard flush cutters. Then, the wire manager is inserted into the rear of the jack. Cobra-Lock jaws are closed by hand and locked in place.

These jacks will co-exist alongside of Hubbell’s well established, high performance, and cost effective XCELERATOR punch-down style jacks, providing installers with choice in termination style.

Featuring 4 dB minimum NEXT margin over ANSI/TIA-568 requirements at 1 MHz to 250 MHz, the new Cat 6 with Cobra-Lock exceeds standards and is available in 16 color options.

“With Cobra-Lock, installers never have to worry about losing or forgetting the tools they need to perform their terminations,” says Nate Herring, senior product manager of datacom marketing for Hubbell Premise Wiring. “Cobra-Lock is quick and reliable, enabling contractors to start and complete more projects than they could with traditional termination techniques.”

For more information about Hubbell’s new Category 6 Jacks with Cobra-Lock Termination, contact your local Hubbell sales representative or visit
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