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Emerson Line-Interactive UPS Delivers Industrial Size Protection in Compact Form Factor

SolaHD Mini-Tower UPS Fits Easily in Control Cabinets, Outputting Fully Conditioned Power to IT and Automation Equipment

ROSEMONT, ILL (MAY 4, 2020) -- As part of its strategy to ensure customers of total protection from unexpected power disruptions, Emerson has introduced the SolaHD SSW Mini-Tower Line-Interactive UPS. Available in capacities from 700VA to 1440VA, the SolaHD SSW represents a highly economical choice for preventing costly damage to IT and automation equipment from electrical surges, spikes, lightning strikes and blackouts that frequently occur in industrial settings.
Balancing affordability and performance, the SolaHD SSW ensures optimum waveform for equipment stability and longevity with its battery sinewave output.  It also provides the benefits of Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) topology that adjusts high and low voltages to a safe level, providing sensitive electronics with reliable power while preserving the life of the UPS battery. In fact, the SolaHD SSW performs the vast majority of power disturbance corrections without ever transferring to its internal battery, therefore preventing critical backup power from draining. Built-in surge suppression and Active Tracking® Filters shield connected equipment from damage caused by lightning, surges and EMI/RFI line noise introduced on the input power source.
With space being at a premium in control cabinets, installers will appreciate the SolaHD SSW's small footprint and minimal depth. The mini-tower shape fits easily into cabinets and other tight spaces where it delivers clean, fully conditioned power free from noise, voltage spikes and common-mode disturbances. Packing more protection into less space means added room for future infrastructure scaling.
By pairing the SolaHD SSW with Emerson's UPSwatch™ monitoring software, operation teams are given remote visibility into the status of the UPS and its loads. If UPSwatch detects a supply voltage variation or even a total power loss, it can execute various command scripts including automatic shutdown. The SSW UPS is also provided with a battery test function. Should the battery fail this test, the UPS will display a warning to indicate that the "hot-swappable" battery needs to be replaced.

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