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Douglas Lighting Controls® Bluetooth® Sensor (BT-WOR-A)

Douglas Lighting Controls® Bluetooth® Sensor (BT-WOR-A)

The Douglas Lighting Controls® Bluetooth® Sensor is a dual technology ceiling mounted occupancy and daylight sensor. It communicates wirelessly with other Bluetooth devices within the Douglas Lighting Controls wireless mesh eco-system.

The Dual Technology sensor uses PIR and Bluetooth proximity detection to identify and maintain occupancy. PIR technology will identify motion in the area while the Bluetooth detection will identify occupancy by recognizing authorized Bluetooth enabled Smartphones in the area.

The Sensor is easily installed into soft ceiling tiles by using an innovative cutting head to eliminate the need for cutting tools. Once the hole is cut and the sensor is pushed into place, rubber ribs hold the sensor securily. Power for the sensor is provided by the Douglas Lighting Controls Bluetooth Controller BT-PP20-B (max. 2 BT-WOR-A per BT-PP20-B).
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