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Have you tried the new Maestro PRO LED+ dimmer?

Have you tried the new Maestro PRO LED+ dimmer?

THE SURVIVAL TOOL OF DIMMERS - one dimmer for any job.

Consider the benefits:
• Superior dimming of LED, ELV, MLV, incandescent, and halogen bulbs
• Neutral optional for easy retrofit in any home
• Color-changeable front plastics
• Phase selectable – both forward and reverse phase dimming
• Single-pole, 3-way, and multi-location dimming

“Maestro is my favorite dimmer style and this new product adds even more performance with almost incandescent-like dimming and no flickering or humming”
- Erick R.,
Electrician from Carbondale, Colorado

Model Numbers:
Digital fade Maestro PRO LED+ dimmer* Multi-location/single-pole MA-PRO-XX1 120V 250W (LED), 500W (Inc/ELV), 400VA (MLV) Adjustable low-end trim.
Digital fade Maestro LED+ dimmer Multi-location/3-way† MACL-153M-XX1 single-pole 120V 150W (LED/CFL), 600W (Inc) Adjustable low-end trim.
Wireless Lighting Control for the Workplace
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