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Leviton LEV Series

Leviton LEV Series

LEV Series devices were designed to withstand any wet or harsh location with the highest and most comprehensive ratings on the market, featuring IP66, IP67, IP68 (industry exclusive!) and IP69K ratings. 

An NSF certification ensures a hygienic design, improving plant sanitation and decreasing the risk of contamination and physical hazards. 

LEV Series devices are tested to endure impact at the most extreme temperatures – guaranteeing superior performance in any environment. 

LEV Series Devices with Inform technology provide smarter electrical connections by integrating with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology to support predictive maintenance schemes.

Plugs and connectors with Inform technology increase safety by providing local monitoring through line-of-sight visual power indication.  Green LEDs illuminate when the device is energized, warning that power is present.  This also allows for faster troubleshooting when there is a power problem with connected equipment. 

Mechanical interlocks with Inform technology provide local monitoring and remote monitoring via the Inform app. 

Remote monitoring via Wi-Fi allows for 24/7 access to insights of all devices, such as enclosure temperature, enclosure humidity, liquid accumulation, line- and load-side voltage values, ground continuity, and more.  This allows facilities to respond faster to potential problems and minimize the duration of downtime events.
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