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SNAP2IT® MC Cable Connectors Save time!

SNAP2IT® MC Cable Connectors Save time!

Arlington’s fully assembled RETROFIT SNAP2IT® fittings are easy to use in OLD or NEW WORK installations – and they handle the widest variety of cables! Ideal for adding additional circuits to a load center, you get the same labor-savings in a retrofit installation!

Installation is quick and easy with NO TOOLS required. To install in an installed box, pull the cable/conduit through the knockout. Slip the fitting onto the cable, then snap the assembly into the box. That’s it!

Widest total cable ranges

Arlington’s retrofit Snap2It® connectors handle cables from 14/2 to 10/3.

Widest variety of cables

For AC, MC, HCF, MC continuous corrugated aluminum cable, MCI-A cables (steel and aluminum), AC90, ACG90 and FLEX.

  • Super-secure installation. No pullout!
  • Fully assembled one-piece design with insulated throat.
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