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5.5" Concrete Floor Box, Recessed Covers

5.5" Concrete Floor Box, Recessed Covers

Here’s the solution for cost-savings and easy, flush installation of a receptacle and low voltage ports in a new concrete floor... Arlington’s 5.5" FLOOR BOX and RECESSED COVER KITS.

Made of heavy-duty plastic, our FLBC5500 5.5" non-metallic concrete floor box has six conduit hubs, four plugs and MULTIPLE options for positioning two low voltage dividers in the box.

Our FLBC5540 series recessed cover kits fit the FLBC5500 box. They come with two low voltage openings, an ultra-thin stamped steel flange, and flush-to-the-floor in-use and blank plated or powder-coated covers.

  • Ultra thin flange and recessed device in cover reduces trip hazard caused by protruding plugs
  • Installed UL Listed 20A tamper-resistant decorator-style
  • Six Finishes/colors: Diecast zinc cover, steel flange PLATED in brass, nickel and antique bronze finishes and POWDER-COATED in black, brown and light almond
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