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Lutron Announces the Limelight Twist-Lock Radio Daylight Module  for Simple, Smart Control of Outdoor Parking Lot and Garage Fixtures 

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.
Lutron’s new Limelight Twist-Lock Radio Daylight Module makes it simple to add intelligent control to your outdoor lighting applications. The Twist-Lock Module mounts to any standard ANSI C136.41 compliant dimming receptacle on outdoor fixtures in parking lots, pathways, and flood lighting applications. Simply plug in and twist into the socket on the fixture – the light is now ready to be added to a Limelight system for added security, enhanced energy savings, and improved system management.  
Coopersburg, PA (August 3, 2020) –  Lutron Electronics, the leader in lighting control and automated shading solutions, today announced the addition of the Twist-Lock Radio Daylight Module to its Limelight product family. The module allows control of pole-style luminaires across a wide variety of manufacturers, in new or retrofit applications. The Twist-Lock Module works with any 0-10V electronic LED driver to enhance outdoor fixtures with smart control enabling daylighting, scheduling, remote monitoring. and more.  
Simple plug-and-twist smart control
The module can be easily specified into luminaires manufactured with standard ANSI 3-, 5-, or 7-pin C136.41 receptacles. Once installed, the built-in connections enable power to the device, daylight sensing, switching, and 0-10V dimming without any additional wiring, and with no need to install anything else within the fixture. When AC (120/277V) power is applied, the factory default daylight setting will turn the fixture OFF when there is sufficient daylight available, even before a fixture is added to a Limelight system.   
“With this new, standard-interfaced device, Limelight is easier than ever to design and install. Designing a system is as simple as counting the number of fixtures in your parking lot or garage,” said Eric Lind, VP Global Specifications, Lutron Electronics. “Now you can bring the benefit of the Limelight control system to the lighting fixture of your choice, instantly making almost any pole-mounted luminaire smart.”  
Lutron Enterprise Vue Software also enables you to connect your outdoor lighting to your indoor systems using Lutron control solutions. This allows for simple management of all the lights inside and outside your facility from one interface.  
Expands the Limelight product offering and improves performance
Limelight is a networked, wireless lighting control solution for outdoor areas and industrial facilities, providing simple, app-based lighting management, enhanced facility safety, and energy savings. Limelight leverages a variety of control strategies to deliver the right amount of light where, and when, it is needed. For example, in a dark parking lot Limelight responds to occupancy by turning on groups of lights to provide a feeling a safety and security that is seamless to a pedestrian or driver.  
The Twist-Lock Module also simplifies retrofit – pole lights with traditional photocells, or a compatible socket without controls, can easily be upgraded to a networked control solution.  

“Limelight delivers a simplified, outdoor-only lighting solution, or integrates easily as part of Lutron’s extensive portfolio of smart lighting and shade control for the entire property. With the addition of the Twist-Lock Module we can expand the reach of our control options, enabling our commercial customers to add smart control to more of their outdoor space, and to automatically adjust lights in response to environmental conditions while enhancing feelings of safety and security,” said Matt Ochs, Sr. Director – Mid-Market Business, Lutron Electronics.  
Added Benefits for Facility Managers
Limelight gives facility management teams the tools they need to maintain safe premises and minimize maintenance downtime by providing the ability to access and troubleshoot their systems in real time. The system also saves energy and supports dark-sky initiatives to make sure the lights are at the right level at the right time.

In the event a fixture loses power, or fails to perform as expected, the Limelight system instantly triggers an email alert to the facilities team. This ensures the issue can be fixed quickly to minimize downtime to the light, system disruption, and impact on the occupants.  

Like all other Limelight controls, the Twist-Lock Module helps intelligently reduce power consumption and measures its results. Limelight can email monthly energy-savings reports to the Facilities team to automatically help evaluate the effectiveness of their control plan.  
The Twist-Lock Module can now be specified and quoted on your jobs. It will ship starting September 18, 2020. 

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