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Emerson Launches Exit and Emergency Lighting Systems

Emerson Launches Exit and Emergency Lighting Systems

The Appleton HEX LED Series of egress lighting is comprised of a selection of exit and emergency exit signs, exit sign/emergency lighting combination systems, and lamps-only emergency lighting systems, with emergency models featuring 90-minute battery backup as required by OSHA, NFPA, and the NEC. 

During an evacuation, the rugged lighting systems deliver lifesaving illumination in hostile industrial environments, such as oil refineries, Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) plants, chemical processing areas, and water and wastewater treatment facilities, enabling employees to escape safely from danger.
Every detail of the Appleton HEX LED Series emphasizes dependability. In addition to their ability to withstand exposure to corrosive elements, high vibration, heavy impact, and wide temperature ranges, the systems are rated for safe usage in NEC Class I, Div. 2 (C1D2) hazardous locations where flammable gases and vapors may be present. 

Fiberglass-reinforced polycarbonate housings, UV-stabilized polycarbonate lenses, stainless steel hardware, 6kV surge protection, and die-cast aluminum mounting brackets ensure industrial-grade reliability for long-term value. While standard versions of the Appleton HEX Series are operational in weather conditions from 32° to +122° F, customers can choose cold temperature models equipped with an internal heater and a battery blanket, resulting in an ambient temperature range of -4° to +122° F.
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