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Simplify Setup with the PE24GVA 24-Volt Valve Actuator

Simplify Setup with the PE24GVA 24-Volt Valve Actuator

Upgrade pool and spa projects with the new PE24GVA 24-Volt Valve Actuator from Intermatic. The reliable pool and spa solution simplifies water flow adjustment of two- and three-way diverter valves and allows for tool-free cam adjustments. Easy to install and maintain, the PE24GVA helps pool professionals visually set the valve position in just seconds, ensuring the perfect water flow to match application needs.

Installers will appreciate the valve actuator’s streamlined design, which makes it approximately 10% smaller than traditional actuator options, as well as its infinite cam rotation for setting precise water flow levels. The versatile PE24GVA is compatible with all pool and spa valves and controls. It brings simplicity and reliability to a wide range of water flow applications, including pool and spa combinations, water features, bubblers, solar systems, decorative fountains and more. 
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