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Kichler® Terminal Block Connector for Tape

Kichler® Terminal Block Connector for Tape

Our new connector is clearly a welcome addition to the Kichler Tape Light System!
It’s made of a robust, clear material that allows light through for less shadowing at each connection point. This allows for the light to continue on beautifully for the length of the tape light run, with little interference of darks spots where the connector normally creates a shadow.
The new Terminal Block Connector from Kichler features set screws in each corner to create simple, secure connections with a standard Phillips screwdriver. That equates to less hassle in creating secure pressure points with the tape, as well as no need to carry any special tools to install.
The line is available in these models to solve for a variety of connection needs:

  • Tape to Tape: True to its name, this small yet robust connector helps connect two pieces of tape together to continue a run.
  • Tape to Wire: This connector option allows an installer to supply their own wire (18-22AWG) at the desired length necessary for installation. It may also serve as a jumper.
  • Tape to Supply Lead: To simplify a final connection, this Connector comes with 6’ of supply lead wire already affixed, saving a step when connecting the Tape back to the power supply.
As households and establishments continue remodeling and renovation efforts, tape light is the perfect way to add light layering to spruce up the décor.

  • The Terminal Block Connector is compatible with the both 6T and 4T Series tape light
  • They are in-stock now to add to your assortment!

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