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The Leviton Smart Load Center

The Leviton Smart Load Center

Introducing the Latest in Residential Power Distribution - Take charge of your home’s electrical system with the award-winning Leviton Smart Load Center. Enjoy safety features that exceed the UL Standard, a sleek new look, and intuitive LED diagnostics. Choose optional Smart Circuit Breakers* for insights on energy usage and control your panel like never before.

The revolutionary Leviton Load Center now uses Internet* connectivity, a central data hub and the most intelligent circuit breakers on the market for unparalleled control and easy access to energy consumption data and alerts through the My Leviton app. *Wi-Fi® or Ethernet Connection available

Easy Energy Management
• Energy Usage - View real time energy consumption, approximate cost and identify high energy use circuits
• Alerts - Know when and why circuit breakers have tripped and be informed of their current status
• Control - Remotely trip a circuit breaker; ideal for home safety situations such as earthquakes, hurricanes or floods

Revolutionary Design
• Easy to install — by allowing branch wiring without the circuit breaker
• Field convertible Main Lug/Main Breaker and top-feed/bottom-feed orientation
• Superior Protection — GFCI and AFCI circuit breakers feature our patented reset lockout
• LED Diagnostics — users can easily identify the trip condition and type of fault (AF/GF)

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