Mersen's New High Speed Fuses and Fusegear Catalog

Mersen's New High Speed Fuses and Fusegear Catalog

Mersen supports OEM designers and equipment-maintenance personnel with a comprehensive line of high-speed fuses for power converter and battery protection. Product lines, such as Protistor® PSC Square Body ceramic semiconductor fuses, have been developed to meet worldwide standards and also match every market with complete lines of North American style round semiconductor fuses, IEC Cylindrical, NH DIN German and British BS88 Standards fuses.

Fields of application range from Silicon- or Silicon Carbide-based semiconductor protection of power inverters for wind, solar, motor drives, UPS, railway, electricity grid to battery systems for e-Mobility or stationary electrical storage.

Mersen’s High-Speed Fuses and Fusegear catalog showcases Mersen’s wide range of high speed fuses that meet every major international standard. This catalog includes updated product information and new photography, with a consistent layout that puts the information that engineers need on the first page of every product listing. For each product, you will find a summary of product features and benefits, a ratings overview, recommended applications, and outline drawings with dimensions. The catalog also includes recommendations on the appropriate fuse blocks or fuse holders, plus full specs for this fusegear.
This is the first edition of the High-Speed Fuses and Fusegear Catalog. In future editions, Mersen will expand this catalog with new and legacy products, additional product performance data, application notes, and more.
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