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Combining Power and Data into a Single Solution

Combining Power and Data into a Single Solution

Typically, in facilities that have areas designated as hazardous location, data and power are routed from two separate enclosures in a control room located in the safe or non-hazardous area. This results in separate cables for power and data from each and every field device being fed back to the control room. With this configuration, installations are more complex, maintenance times are longer and cabling costs are significantly higher.

Extending the success and technology of Appleton™ PlexPower™ panelboards, Emerson provides a solution that brings together their innovative power distribution technology and instrumentation/process monitoring communications, by installing PlexPower explosion-proof circuit breaker modules and a fiber patch panel together in one certified solution. Cable footage is significantly reduced as less homerun and feeder cables are needed, leading to fewer potential failure points and a substantial savings in upfront installation costs. With an overall decreased total cost of ownership, the Appleton PlexPower Fiber Panel saves time, material, and labor.

Boasting Class I, Zone 1 IIB+H2, and Class I, Division 2 Groups B, C and D NEC and CEC certifications, in addition to a Type 4X rating, this solution provides multiple design options, giving end users flexibility and convenience in configurations, with a smaller, lightweight footprint. The PlexPower Fiber Panel is also available with up to 300% spare fibers for each branch circuit, fusible disconnects instead of breakers, and an optional Roxtec cable entry system.

Compatible with the existing PlexPower platform, the Appleton PlexPower Fiber Panel by Emerson can drastically decrease Project Capex by eliminating cabling materials, engineering, and labor which reduces the chances for safety incidents and streamlines the installation schedule. The PlexPower Fiber Panel is an easy to install, operate, and maintain solution for hazardous, wet, and corrosive environments.
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