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Cope® Ladder Cable Tray Provides Double the Pull-Out Strength of Typical Welded Ladder Tray Systems

Cope Cable Tray
Philadelphia, PA (October 2019) – Cope®, the original brand of cable tray, is proud to announce its universal solution for cable management, the Cope Ladder Cable Tray. The Ladder Cable Tray is manufactured in the United States with an exclusive swaging process and a mechanical connection made with 20,000 lbs of force. Its unique design provides superior rigidity, unobscured access to cables, and a pull-out strength of 2,500 lbs. Other benefits include:

Modular Design
The Cope Ladder Cable Tray is the most economical cable tray designed for flexibility and easy installation of cables. With a range of over 20 standard fittings, the system can be customized to accommodate complex configurations and allows for the addition or removal of cable runs in the future. This avoids costly redesigns by accommodating for growth and reconfiguration. Numerous sizes of horizontal and vertical elbows, adjustable elbows, crosses, tees, reducers, and branches are available.

Prevention Against Failure
The Ladder Cable Tray also features heavy-duty rungs that provide maximum ventilation of cables to prevent costly damage and overheating.

Meets Rigorous Industry Standards
Depending on the gauge required, steel versions meet ASTM A1011 or ASTM A1008 standards. The lightweight, aluminum option is extruded 6063-T6 material and meets NEMA loading requirements from NEMA 8A through 20C. All models are UL-classified and meet NEMA VE-1 standards for metal cable tray systems.

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About Cope
Cope, part of Atkore International, is an industry leader in cable management solutions and the premier producer of all major categories of cable tray systems. There is a Cope cable management solution for all types of projects and facilities, ranging from standard commercial systems to the heaviest industrial systems. Their high quality and unique features make the Cope product line the preferred choice of installers and facility owners for power and data communication systems. All Cope products are produced to NEMA standards.
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