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New Training Module on Mersen Knowledge Center: "Photovoltaic Fuses in Solar Applications"

JULY 2019 – Newburyport, MA – Mersen Knowledge Center – Electrical Power is Mersen Electrical Power North America’s official online self-registering E-learning portal for electrical distributors, engineers, and end users. Our newest training module, “Application Basics: Photovoltaic Fuses in Solar Applications- M307E," will help you learn about the main components of a typical photovoltaic installation, understand the different segmentations of solar market, and identify Mersen fuses and fuses holders designed for use in photovoltaic installations.

Visitors to the portal will find a broad library of 23 different training modules to choose from, all in video presentation format. The modules introduce students to basics of electricity, fuses, and surge protection products and provide an overview of how these products are applied in various applications.

Training modules typically take ten minutes or less to complete and contain a short quiz at the end. Upon the successful completion of the each training module quiz, students have the option of printing out their Certificate of Completion for their keeping.

Visitors can register today and try Mersen's E-learning experience by visiting the Mersen Knowledge Center at

Mersen Marketing and Training Manager Kian Sanjari states, “This new training module is the first in many planned additions to the Mersen Knowledge Center. Our content will continue to grow as new products and courses are added to the library of modules on an ongoing basis.”

For more information about Mersen, visit Mersen’s website at

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