Mersen Rochester is ITAR Registered

Mersen Rochester is ITAR Registered
The Mersen Rochester, NY plant is now the main primary contact location to serve ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) & EAR (Export Administration Regulations) controlled projects for both bus bars and cooling solutions for North America. All documentation control will go through the Mersen Rochester NY ITAR registration site. The details of the application, defense system, and customer specifications will stay within Rochester facility.

Uncompromising performance and reliability are a must for defense and aerospace systems. That is why laminated bus bars and cold plates designed by Mersen are commonplace in a wide range of defense applications, including missile guidance equipment, phase array radar systems, sonar and radar tracking stations, airborne equipment, tanks, submarines, and numerous space programs.

Mersen’s laminated bus bars offer a variety of advantages for military use:
  • Superior electrical characteristics help military systems achieve maximum electrical performance and efficiency
  • Mersen’s laminated bus bars simplify field service which makes it easier to keep mission critical equipment up and running

Mersen’s cold plates are designed to withstand harsh environment and provide a solid and reliable cooling solution for ever demanding military applications:
  • Patented hea t sink technology along with extensive cooling expertise work toward a more efficient, reliable semiconductor application
  • R-Tools 3D thermal heat sink modeling – quickly and accurately model various heat sink configurations
  • Reduce design time while increasing the reliability of the final product
  • All of Mersen cold plates are simulated, prototyped and tested before installation in the field to ensure optimum efficiency and long service life.

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