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  • BURNDY® Unitap 750HD


    BURNDY® Unitap 750HD

    The offering now includes several Heavy Duty configurations. The Heavy Duty series accommodates a wire range of #2 AWG to 750 kcmil, and are dual rated for use with both aluminum and copper conductor.

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  • Arlington Industries TV BRIDGE™ III

    Arlington Industries, Inc.

    Arlington Industries TV BRIDGE™ III

    Arlington's new UL Listed TV BRIDGE™ III kits are the easiest, fastest way to install a flat screen TV.
    Installation is faster because the kits are pre-wired and fully assembled.

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  • Arlington's Grounding Electrode Connector

    Arlington Industries, Inc.

    Arlington's Grounding Electrode Connector

    Arlington's new Grounding Electrode Connector installs from inside or outside a metal panel or metal enclosure, through one of the existing 1/2" knockouts. GC50 provides excellent strain relief for grounding conductors. Listed for use with stranded and solid copper and aluminum wire.

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  • Lutron C.L Dimmer Benefits

    Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

    Lutron C.L Dimmer Benefits

    Lutron C.L dimmers are designed to control dimmable LEDs, Incandescent, and halogen bulbs. Designed to be installed in every home, C.L dimmers provide superior performance when dimming LEDs.

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  • Calbrite Solutions - Food, Beverage & Dairy

    Calpipe Industries

    Calbrite Solutions - Food, Beverage & Dairy

    Attention has focused on the sanitary practices of food and beverage producers. The potential costs of recalls, liability, fines and long term damage to brands has manifested in intensified washdown practices including greater frequency with higher wash pressures, chemical concentrations and temperatures. The perfect reason to choose Calbrite Stainless Steel Conduit Systems.

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  • BURNDY® HandyBug Connector


    BURNDY® HandyBug Connector

    A true “All-in-One” connector, allowing a contractor to buy and use the same connector for various types of terminations and bonding. The tongue has two holes, installation does not require any special tooling, is both UL Listed and CSA Certified, and is also rated for Direct Burial.

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    Clear Insulated Multi-Tap line addition to the UNITAP™ family that is UL Listed to the Wire Connector Standard UL486A-486B and CSA Certified for use with Flexible (Fine Stranded) Conductor. A “disc-pad” screw has been incorporated to prevent damage to the fine strands as the conductor is compressed during installation; eliminating the need for wire ferrules.

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  • BURNDY® PAT500SJ-LI Crimping Tool


    BURNDY® PAT500SJ-LI Crimping Tool

    A Pistol-Grip Style 6-Ton 18V Lithium-Ion battery powered crimper with interchangeable cutting jaws available. This tool offers superior balance and advanced ergonomics reducing operator fatigue.

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