COUNTERTOP BOX KITS with round plastic box and metal covers

Arlington Industries, Inc.
COUNTERTOP BOX KITS with round plastic box and metal covers
Arlington's Countertop Box Kits with round plastic boxes and round metal covers give you options for installing a device in a countertop AND a parallel, great-looking installation. Kits are available in either brass or nickel-plated brass with a choice of an installed UL Listed tamper and weather resistant (TWR) decorator-style GFCI, a tamper resistant (TR) receptacle, or a TR receptacle with two USB ports. The round gasketed metal covers hide miscut openings and close flush with the countertop, preventing damage to the devices in the box.

  • Easy, secure installation
    A steel spring clip holds the plastic box securely against the surface when the screws are tightened. It's also 'bendable' so it's easy to insert into the opening in the countertop.
  • Fits granite or other countertop material up to 1-1/2" thick
  • Easy 'No Glue' installation
  • Complies with NEC section 406.5 (E) for use in countertops or similiar work surfaces

Other Products by Arlington Industries, Inc.

  • Floor Box, Leveling Ring for New Concrete Floors

    Floor Box, Leveling Ring for New Concrete Floors

    Arlington’s NEW FLBC4502 4.5" non-metallic concrete floor box has SIX conduit hubs and FOUR plugs.
    And the NEW REVERSIBLE FLBC4502LR leveling ring makes installing ANY 6” cover easier than ever on ANY 4.5” CONCRETE BOX. The screw holes on one side have a 3-1/2" hole pattern. On the other side it’s 3-3/8".

  • Versatile Termination for Grounding

    Versatile Termination for Grounding

    Arlington’s GC50 Grounding Electrode Connector offers savings and strain relief for grounding conductors.

    Installs from inside or outside a metal enclosure, through an existing knockout, with no need for modifications.

    Listed for #8 to #2 solid and stranded aluminum and copper conductors, it’s HALF the COST of other listed connectors!

  • Steel Floor Box Kits

    Steel Floor Box Kits

    Our UL Listed STEEL FLOOR BOX KITS feature single or two-gang steel boxes with metal covers that deliver easy flush-to-the-floor receptacle installation.

    Gasketed brass or nickel-plated brass covers…
    • Fit our boxes and other manufacturers’ boxes
    • Prevent water intrusion
    • Include flip lids or threaded plugs that protect the box when not in use.

  • Nail-on Flanged Vapor Box for Devices

    Nail-on Flanged Vapor Box for Devices

    Easy to install, Arlington’s nail-on, non-conductive Vapor Box has attached gaskets that prevent air infiltration.

    Saves time! Nails ship captive; gasket material is pre-attached.

    Plus, the built-in gasketed flange has ultra-thin alignment tabs so there’s NO DRYWALL BULGE.