Rugged power connections for vital jobsite equipment

Appleton Grp LLC
Rugged power connections for vital jobsite equipment
Emerson redesigned the Appleton™ 200 Amp Powertite™ Series Pin and Sleeve Plugs, Receptacles and Connectors to streamline tedious wire terminations. The improved product offers greater flexibility, increased safety, and improved environmental protection. To ensure safe operation and maintenance, all terminals are deeply recessed in the receptacle and plug interiors to reduce the danger of accidental touching and potential for exposed arcs.

Empowering users to expand their application needs and achieve greater inventory flexibility, plugs and connectors now accommodate a cable diameter range from 0.875 to 2.500 inches with the reversible cable clamp and a complete selection of grommets. Unlike competitors, the Appleton 200 Amp Powertite Series is easily field serviceable for reverse service. This makes temporary power and backup generator applications more user friendly and eliminates the need to order separate reverse service plugs with long factory lead-times. Funnel type terminals prevent copper conductors from fraying during insertion, and the addition of nested Allen slots inside the terminal block allow the terminals to be wired and fastened without disassembly. It reduces complexity by limiting the total number of components requiring interaction, therefore cutting field-assembly time and decreasing the number of hand tools needed for both installation and field maintenance. Appleton 200 Amp Powertite plugs feature an easy access lockout/tagout provision on the plug sleeve where a locking mechanism can be installed by using the plug lockout lanyard accessory to meet OSHA lockout/tagout requirements.

Whether you have a standard or reverse service applications, the new 200 Amp Powertite Series offers a faster installation and maintenance process. With UL and CSA certifications, NEMA 3, 3R, 4, 4X ratings, this series saves both time and money in power connection applications that require a rugged, durable, and environmentally proven solution.

Other Products by Appleton Grp LLC

  • Unprecedented Innovation, Unique Design.

    Unprecedented Innovation, Unique Design.

    Appleton™ Baymaster™ LED Luminaires by Emerson combine our unique quick-mount pendant system with a compact housing and secondary optics to deliver innovation, reliability, and versatility in a best in class, globally certified, high bay luminaire. With exceptional efficiency and unbeatable performance, this luminaire offers quicker installation speeds and easier maintenance for harsh industrial and hazardous environments.

  • Appleton™ Code●Master™ Jr. LED Luminaire by Emerson

    Appleton™ Code●Master™ Jr. LED Luminaire by Emerson

    The Appleton Code•Master Jr. LED Luminaires by Emerson, delivers exception performance for hazardous Class I, Division 1 environments. Suitable for new construction and retrofit installations, this Series uses the same mounting hoods as legacy Code•Master incandescent and less than 150 W HID luminaires, providing quick and easy upgrades to LED lighting.

  • Appleton™ PlexPower™ Fiber Panel by Emerson, Combining Power and Data into a Single Solution

    Appleton™ PlexPower™ Fiber Panel by Emerson, Combining Power and Data into a Single Solution

    Our PlexPower fiber panels bring hybrid cables (power/fiber together in one cable) from up to 24 field junction boxes back to one enclosure located in the hazardous area, drastically reducing the number of long dedicated cable runs while also limiting potential failure points.

  • Easy to Retrofit Explosionproof A-51™ LED Luminaires

    Easy to Retrofit Explosionproof A-51™ LED Luminaires

    The Appleton™ A-51™ LED Luminaires by Emerson are designed for Groups A, B, C, D areas. The A-51™ LED fits in the same mounting hoods as traditional Appleton™ A-51™ luminaires with no rewiring, for an easy lighting upgrade.  They provide all the benefits of LED technology for lower mounting heights.