Mersen’s New UL Low Voltage Switch Brochure

Mersen’s New UL Low Voltage Switch Brochure
You need a range of disconnect switches for your industrial control requirements ranging from “Service Entrance Rated” to motor isolation. You need DIN-rail and direct mountable disconnect switches that conform to UL 508 and UL 98. You need a range of handles, shafts and accessories to select from.

Mersen Electrical Power has the broadest range of switches in the industry, with a full line of accessories to accommodate virtually any application. Mersen disconnect switches are extremely durable and versatile. Designed to make and break power circuits on load, Mersen’s line of switches all utilize innovative knife blade technology. The self-cleaning knife blade contacts create a more reliable contact than conventional push contacts offered in competitor’s products.  Contacts are pushed together under normal load and during fault conditions, whereas competing products’ contacts are pushed apart creating arcing, damage and sacrificing future reliability.

Other Products by Mersen

  • Mersen’s Product Recognition App

    Mersen’s Product Recognition App

    Introducing Mersen’s Product Recognition App, the industry’s first app to use a photo to identify and suggest a product cross reference based on the image. Use a mobile device to scan the fuse into the app for identification. Mersen’s Product Recognition App will suggest a match based on the photo. Available for download immediately from the App Store or Google Play.

  • Mersen's Electrical Power Catalog

    Mersen's Electrical Power Catalog

    Mersen’s new 340-page catalog presents a wealth of electrical protection product information in an easy-to-read format. Includes an overview of Mersen Electrical Power that showcases all global product lines. In addition, the “Focus Products” section details the right Mersen products for the Industrial, Buildings/ Construction, Solar, and Electric Vehicles markets.

  • Mersen’s Arc Flash Solutions Brochure

    Mersen’s Arc Flash Solutions Brochure

    Mersen has been heavily involved with arc flash testing and research, and we have a wealth of experience to share. Mersen's Arc Flash Solutions Brochure includes information on what happens during an arc flash event, reducing arc flash hazards, arc flash regulations, and fuses for arc flash mitigation.

  • Mersen Embedded Heat Pipe Air Cooled Heat Sinks

    Mersen Embedded Heat Pipe Air Cooled Heat Sinks

    Mersen Embedded Heat Pipe Air cooled heat sinks provide superior cooling performance for applications where high concentrations of heat need to dispersed quickly over the base surface of the heat sink. Mersen’s swaged Embedded Heat Pipe air cooled heat sinks use no glue or bonding agents for fin assembly, making them ideal for cooling higher temperature SiC based applications.