4Dimension Value Proposition and Application Video

Eaton's 4Dimension™ strut system changes how installers build and install supoort systems for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, data centers, and HVAC in new and retrofit commercial and industrial applications.

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  • Universal's Online Rebate Search Tool

    Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc.

    Universal's Online Rebate Search Tool

    Universal’s online rebate tool helps end-users find cost saving solutions for their lighting projects.&nbsp; The online resource portal is ideal for end-users looking for assistance with a lighting upgrade by finding what rebates may exist in their local market. <a href="https://unvlt.com/support/ESCO-Rebates">Click here</a> to access the Encentivizer tool.<br>

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  • Bridgeport's AMC-52QI E-Z Lock Steel Duplex Connectors

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    Bridgeport's AMC-52QI E-Z Lock Steel Duplex Connectors

    Bridgeport's EZ Lock AMC-52QI is used to connect 2 14/2 - 10/2 (.43" - .59") AC/MC/MCI-A/HCF cables and 3/8" FMC to box or enclosure. No Tools Required Just squeeze to insert into the 1/2" K.O Use with an anti-short bushing. .375" Throat Opening. Great for lighting whips! Made in the USA.

  • Greenlee® Shear 30T

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    Greenlee® Shear 30T

    The Shear 30T was created to provide an effective and efficient solution to cutting strut and threaded rod. Mounted on a mobile work station, the Shear 30T&nbsp; eliminates the slow, costly repercussions of cutting with alternative methods. The Shear 30T is hydraulically powered and uses strong interchangeable dies to produce burrless, precise cuts every time.

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