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  • KRALOY JBOX Hinged Cover Junction Box

    Kraloy Fittings

    KRALOY JBOX Hinged Cover Junction Box

    The new Kraloy JBox Hinged Cover junction box opens more than 200° for complete and easy access to control devices and instruments and is designed to work with your existing PVC conduit runs. NEMA 3R and 4X rated, it is ideally suited for indoor and outdoor industrial, MRO and OEM applications and in wash-down environments.

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  • Kraloy® JBox™: Challenging Installations

    Kraloy Fittings

    Kraloy® JBox™: Challenging Installations

    When it comes to challenging installation situations, the Kraloy® JBox™ has been designed to make your job faster and easier.

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  • Kraloy® JBox™ - Easier to Install

    Kraloy Fittings

    Kraloy® JBox™ - Easier to Install

    Fasteners are unique, hand closed, tools to assist, open design that are 100% non-metallic. The only tool you'll need is a #2 Phillips screwdriver.

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  • Kraloy Kwikon ENT & Fittings

    Kraloy Fittings

    Kraloy Kwikon ENT & Fittings

    Simple to install and fast to measure, cut, and fit.

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  • ICF Electrical Boxes

    Kraloy Fittings

    ICF Electrical Boxes

    Kraloy's Marketing Development Mgr. discusses how INEXO provides a quality installation.

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