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  • Mercmaster™ LED Low Profile Luminaires

    Appleton Grp LLC

    Mercmaster™ LED Low Profile Luminaires

    Hazardous location and ordinary location luminaires designed for lighting industrial environments requiring greater clearance levels along with reduced energy consumption. With an installed profile of only six inches, the luminaires' installed depth is approximately 25 percent less than its nearest competitor and consumes 65 percent less energy than a standard HID.

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  • Appleton Code●Master LED Installation Video

    Appleton Grp LLC

    Appleton Code●Master LED Installation Video

    Appleton explosionproof Code●Master LED factory sealed luminaires are designed for use in hazardous locations as well as areas exposed to corrosive atmospheres, moisture or cold ambient temperatures. They are easy to install into retrofit applications as they utilize the same mounting hoods as our Code●Master HID and Code●Master incandescent luminaries.

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  • Appleton Multi-Pin Connector Installation

    Appleton Grp LLC

    Appleton Multi-Pin Connector Installation

    The Appleton M-Line Multi-Pin Connectors offer versatile, reliable connections for heavy duty and hazardous environments. Make quick, easy connections for all your power, control and instrumentation applications with the new M-Line Connectors, giving you greater operational flexibility and productivity. Watch our video to learn how to properly install the Appleton M-Line Multi-Pin Connectors.

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  • Appleton Mercmaster™ LED Series Luminaires

    Appleton Grp LLC

    Appleton Mercmaster™ LED Series Luminaires

    Mercmaster™ LED Series luminaires provide next generation energy efficiency and safety for locations subject to severe weather conditions, vibration and shock, corrosive chemicals and hazardous atmospheres.

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  • PlexPower Panelboards

    Appleton Grp LLC

    PlexPower Panelboards

    Watch to learn about the advantages of using Appleton PlexPower panelboards in applications such as chemical and petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries and other process facilities.

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  • TMC2 and TMC2X Series Cable Connectors

    Appleton Grp LLC

    TMC2 and TMC2X Series Cable Connectors

    Two piece cable gland system that is faster, easier, and safer to install.

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