Recessed Box Kit for Existing Floors

Arlington Industries, Inc.
Recessed Box Kit for Existing Floors
Arlington’s FLBR5420 series RECESSED FLOOR BOX KITS offer great new features, like two low voltage openings, an ultra-thin stamped steel flange, and flush-to-the-floor in-use and blank covers. Here’s the solution for cost-savings and easy installation of a receptacle and low voltage connections in an existing, hard surface floor.
Because the flange is ultra thin and the wiring device is recessed these floor boxes reduce the trip hazard caused by plugs protruding from the box.
You can also have power and now TWO low voltage openings, without the need for a divider, in the same box. That’s convenience! Installation is quick and easy with a 5" hole saw. Four mounting wing screws attach the 24.5 cubic inch box securely to the floor.
  • UL Listed 20A tamper-resistant decorator-style receptacle.
  • SIX finishes/COVER colors
Metal in brass-plated, nickel-plated and antique bronze-plated zinc. And powder-coated diecast zinc in black, brown and light almond.

Other Products by Arlington Industries, Inc.

  • 5.5" Concrete Floor Box, Recessed Covers

    5.5" Concrete Floor Box, Recessed Covers

    Arlington’s FLBC5500 5.5" non-metallic concrete floor box has MULTIPLE slots for positioning low voltage dividers, and multiple conduit hubs and plugs.

    Designed for this box, FLBC5540 series recessed cover kits deliver a flush-to-the-floor cover installation. Features include two low voltage openings, ultra-thin stamped steel flange and plated or powder-coated zinc covers. The recessed device reduces tripping.

  • T-Box for Suspended Ceiling Grids

    T-Box for Suspended Ceiling Grids

    Arlington’s UL Listed T-Box, in TWO styles, is the easy, cost-effective way to mount a fan/fixture on a suspended ceiling grid – at the cross or on the straightaway.

    FB428SC (metal hanger) holds up to 70 lbs.
    F428SC (plastic hanger) for fixtures (only) up to 50 lbs.

    Other uses: smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, security cameras, exit signs, emergency lighting.

  • Floor Box Cover Kits with Ultra-thin steel flanges deliver flush installation

    Floor Box Cover Kits with Ultra-thin steel flanges deliver flush installation

    Arlington’s Listed IN BOX™ Recessed Cover Kits install receptacles, flush, in a 4.5"concrete floor box.

    Economical brass- or nickel-plated metal covers have ultra-thin, stamped steel flanges. Recessed covers install in the box, to reduce tripping. Easy installation, there’s a divider for power and low voltage in the same box.

  • Gangable Floor Box with PLASTIC covers

    Gangable Floor Box with PLASTIC covers

    With Arlington's Listed, economical gangable concrete floor box kits you build the box you need - onsite. Single gang, non-metallic boxes lock together to create a two- or three-gang box that accommodates a PLASTIC cover (5 colors) or diecast zinc cover with brass or nickel finish. Plus, covers install with the hinge on either side.

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