LED Keyless and Pull Chain Lamp Holders

  • LED Keyless and Pull Chain Lamp Holders

    Exclusively from Engineered Products Company (EPCO), our “new” GU24 9-Watt LED Lamp Holders’ low profile illumination is ideal for small area lighting applications. Offering optimum lighting performance and energy efficiency, the annual operating cost is $5.52, an 85% savings vs. an incandescent lamp, a 31% saving vs. a compact fluorescent lamp.

Other Products by EPCO

  • EPCO's New ProSeries LED Utility Luminaire

    EPCO's New ProSeries LED Utility Luminaire

    New ProSeries LED Utility Luminaire and Luminaire Upgrade

    • Re-Engineered for Higher Lumen Output
    • 15-Watt LED luminaire produces 1200+ lumens
    • Lower Power Consumption
    • Luminaire Efficacy - 79 lm/W
    • Color: 5,000 - 5,400K (Daylight)
    • Optimal illumination, significant energy savings, virtually no luminaire maintenance
    • 17% Price Reduction
    • Buy 11 – Get 1 Free

  • EPCO LED Parking Garage Luminaire

    EPCO LED Parking Garage Luminaire

    EPCOs vapor-tight LED luminaires provide energy efficiency and significant energy savings that translates into optimized light output suitable for outdoor and “wet” location environments.

    Our LED luminaires include two illumination products: A 4-foot DLC Certified Parking Garage Luminaire ready for immediate installation and a 4-foot Parking Garage Retrofit Luminaire to upgrade from conventional T8 fluorescent lamps.

  • EPCO’s T5HD Series Tube Guard

    EPCO’s T5HD Series Tube Guard

    Recommended for dissipating heat from T5HO fluorescent lamps. Its larger diameter combined with “vented” end caps and heat sink screens controls and distributes heat. This lowers the tube guard inside temperature approximately 25°F. This provides a unique operational advantage over other competitive offerings and still fits all T5 lamp applications.

  • GU24 Lamp Holders

    GU24 Lamp Holders

    • UL Listed and Energy Star rated.
    • Produces approximately 75% less heat compared to incandescent lamps.
    • Available in Keyless and Pull Chain configurations. 
    • For Commercial, Industrial and Residential Lighting Applications.
    • Can be used with a standard wall switch.
    • Includes 13 Watt Bi-Pin Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) and Polycarbonate Lamp Diffuser.

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