IDEAL Introduces Our New Line of Keystone Faceplates

IDEAL Introduces Our New Line of Keystone Faceplates

IDEAL Keystone Face Plates are Standard midsized (2.75“ x 4.75“) faceplates in both white and ivory colors are available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 0 port configurations. 1 in. mounting screws are included and secured to the back of the faceplate. Blank inserts can be used to fill in unused faceplate ports.

Other Products by IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC.

  • New from IDEAL® Bi-Metal Hole Saws

    New from IDEAL® Bi-Metal Hole Saws

    • Constructed from M42 high speed steel with 8% premium cobalt content
    • Rigid solid steel back plate
    • 4/6 variable pitch geometry with unique fleem ground teeth design
    • Featuring a 1-7/8 in. depth of cut
    • Diamond sides provide quick plug removal (available on 7/8 in. to 6 in. hole saws)

  • IDEAL Introduces a new Line of Precision Levels

    IDEAL Introduces a new Line of Precision Levels

    3.5” and 6” levels feature an integral Thumb Winder™ conduit wheel with a contoured screw designed for non-slip grip and stability. Also available in a 9" Torpedo Level. Corrosion resistant brass screw for easy vial replacement. Oversized neodymium rare earth magnets provide the highest magnetic field strength.  Bottom surface features a v-groove.

  • IDEAL TightSight® Clamp Meters

    IDEAL TightSight® Clamp Meters

    The new TightSight® Clamp Meters are built to professional quality standards to withstand tough use in commercial and industrial settings. For everything from load measurement to troubleshooting industrial motors and adjustable speed drives (ASDs), the new TightSight® brings speed, accuracy, safety and ease-of-use together in one rugged meter line.




    Being an electrician requires skills, knowledge and coordination. By participating in the IDEAL National Championship, professionals and students/apprentices will have the chance to use their skills and compete for over $500,000 in cash and prizes!

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