BURNDY® HandyBug™ Connector

BURNDY® HandyBug™ Connector
The HandyBug™ connector has extraordinary versatility, it can:
  • Function as a split bolt
  • Make a splice connection
  • Terminate one or two wires to a bus bar or other flat surface
  • Make wire connections to a pipe
  • Terminate wire at electrical motor input points
A true “All-in-One” connector, the HandyBug™ allows a contractor to buy and use the same connector for various types of terminations and bonding. The tongue has two holes, installation does not require any special tooling, is both UL Listed and CSA Certified, and is also rated for Direct Burial. The two sizes of HandyBug™ connectors accommodate from # 10 AWG Solid to #2 AWG Solid or # 2 AWG Stranded to 1/0 AWG Stranded.

This connector can make hundreds of different power or grounding connections.

Other Products by BURNDY® LLC

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