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Robroy Industries Raceway Division Adds Stainless Steel Raceway to Product Offering
Robroy Industries
July 2, 2019

Robroy’s innovative design takes corrosion resistance and contamination elimination to a new horizon.  

Gilmer, TX – Robroy Industries Raceway Division, a manufacturer of electrical products including PVC-coated conduit and fittings, galvanized elbows, couplings, nipples, and the original Korns clamps, announced the launch of its new product line – Robroy Stainless.

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Robroy Industries Releases PVC Coating Repair Kit
Robroy Industries
August 22, 2018

The new repair kit allows for superior restoration of coatings if damage occurs in the field

Gilmer, TX - Robroy Industries, a manufacturer of electrical products including PVC-coated conduit, fittings, and accessories has released a new PVC Coating Repair Kit to mend coating damage that may occur in the field after product is installed.

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