AFC Cable Systems Announces ACS Uni-Fab Modular Wiring Systems

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New Bedford, MA - AFC Cable Systems and sister company Kaf-Tech, both leading manufacturers of electrical products headquartered in New Bedford, MA, announce their ACS Uni-Fab Modular Wiring Systems. Device assemblies from ACS Uni-Fab have the industry’s broadest scope of products and this system addresses the needs of commercial and industrial lighting and power applications.

ACS Uni-Fab is a modular lighting system design that significantly reduces the amount of labor required for installation. It saves up to 30% on the installation cost versus alternative wiring methods, making as many of the electrical connections in the factory where it is less expensive and time consuming than doing so in the field.

All factory assemblies are assembled and tested by IBEW personnel, taking advantage of AFC’s factory labor force and controlled environment, and all products are built in accordance with UL (QQYZ) and installed per NEC. To eliminate the need for sourcing, staging, and assembly, Uni-Fab offers contractors excellent materials management and Just-in-Time shipping.

The Main Terminal Box (MTB) is particularly effective, distributing 20-50 AMP branch circuits from the panel to remote locations by means of multi-circuit Home Run cable. It provides greater cable management by running multiple Hotel, Motel, and Dorm Rooms back to the panel.

ACS Uni-Fab has over 25 years of experience in design and manufacturing and uses this expertise to increase production with fewer people. Its sales department works closely with electrical contractors to ensure the best wiring solution in accordance with project plans, specifications, job site conditions, and project schedule.

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About AFC Cable Systems:

AFC Cable Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of electrical products, tracing its origins to 1926. AFC supplies a broad range of innovative, cost-saving products to the electrical industry.  These products include: armored and metal clad cables, flexible metal conduits, non-metallic, and liquid-tight conduits as well as modular wiring systems, and electrical fittings. AFC Cable System’s provides products used in new construction, restoration and modernization of commercial office buildings, institutional facilities, healthcare, and more.

About Kaf-Tech:

Kaf-Tech is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of electrical distribution products, including cost-saving armored and metal clad cables, conduit fittings, and other products for electrical applications. Kaf-Tech is known for supplying flexible wiring systems, flexible metal, non-metallic, and flexible metallic liquid tight conduits and fittings used in the construction and modernization of commercial office buildings, institutional facilities, shopping centers, and multifamily dwellings.

Both AFC Cable Systems and Kaf-Tech are part of Atkore International.

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