September 29, 2016 Volume 15 Issue 298

AMC-50QI Quick Install Connectors

Simply snap the connector onto the cable, squeeze the lever and set into the knockout. No tools required!  Easy removal too. Used to connect 14/2 to 10/3 AC/MC/MCI-A and 3/8” FMC.  cETLus Listed.

Lumina RF Eco-System

Powerful wireless Lumina RF products ensure energy savings in new construction and retrofit, controlling lamps, fans, shades, pumps, and third-party window coverings. The Gateway functions as an energy management coordinator, allowing automated control of loads and remote control from tablets/smartphone app. Ideal for restaurants, cafes/coffee shops, retail shops, franchise stores, small and private office spaces and more.

Mersen HP10M and HP15M HelioProtectionTM Fuses with Crimp Cap Termination

Mersen’s HP10M and HP15M HelioProtection photovoltaic fuses are engineered specifically for the protection of PV systems. Mersen’s new crimp cap termination for HP10M and HP15M fuses enables users to attach wires directly to the fuses. This eliminates the need for a fuse holder and allows an overmolded enclosure. UL Recognized.

New! Caséta Wireless ELV+ Dimmer Now Shipping!

Eliminates compatibility concerns when changing out bulbs.
Now dims all load types:
- ELV, LED, INC, HAL, MLV, and interfaces such as PHPMs and GRX-TVIs, and LTE LED drivers.
- Has a “Favorite” button
- Works with the Pico for 3-way and multi-location applications
- Neutral required
- 10W minimum load

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Greenlee’s Intelli-PUNCH™ 11-Ton Battery-Hydraulic Knockout Driver

The Intelli-PUNCH™ tool features patent-pending Auto-Retract technology that senses pressure to accurately detect punch completion and automatically retract the ram, preventing damage to punch parts. Fastest knockout tool on the market with maximum cycle time of eight seconds, delivers 11-tons of force, punching up to 4-inch conduit-sized holes in 10-gauge mild or stainless steel.

Get the COUNTERTOP BOX KIT with options for installing devices

Get your kit with an installed UL Listed tamper and weather resistant (TWR) decorator-style GFCI... Or tamper resistant (TR) receptacle...OR a combo with (TR) receptacle and two USB ports!

The gasketed stainless steel or black TRAPDOOR COVER closes nearly flush with countertop, preventing damage to devices.

Round, ADJUSTABLE Fan/Fixture Box from Arlington

Arlington’s non-metallic IN/OUT BOX™ for fan and fixture installations comes pre-set for a 1/2" ceiling but adjusts for depths up to 1-1/2".

FBA426 mounts securely to a joist in new construction and complies with the NEC for set back boxes.

• UL/CSA Listed
• 2-Hour Fire Rating

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems’ New Fire-Classified Floor Box Solutions

Hubbell’s Fire-Classified Floor Boxes are a practical answer to maintain floor fire classification when there isn’t enough capacity in a poke-through device. Available in 7- or 11-gang versions, each Fire-Classified Floor Box Kit preserves a two- or three-hour fire-classified floor rating, and is ideal for a variety of commercial applications.

BURNDY® Clear Insulated Multi-Tap Connectors for Fine Stranded Conductor

An expansion to the UNITAP™ Insulated Multi-Tap connector family. In addition to a full line of UV-rated black, clear, direct burial, and submersible connectors, the line now contains a full offering of connectors that are UL Listed to the UL Wire Connector Standard UL486A-486B and CSA Certified for use with Flexible (Fine Stranded) Conductor.

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