Volume 18 Issue 519

Millenials are good at technology but unless there is a webinar on changing the clock on a 2003 microwave for daylight saving time, step aside and let Generation X get this one.

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November it is!
By Paul Werthman

November 11 marks Veteran's Day, when we honor those who have served in the United States Armed Forces. It also coincides with Armistice Day and Remembrance Day, which mark the end of World War I.

Thanksgiving, later this month, always make me think of family. It also reminds me that the Electrical Industry is a family as well. We’re a fairly small close-knit community and we care about each other and we are all about our customers. All in all, the Electrical Industry is a great place to work, a wonderful venue for a career.

This Issues's Smart eCat Features: ILSCO 2018 Product Catalog

Each issue we will feature a new manufacturer’s electronic SMART eCAT that will show how looking up products and using manufacturer’s catalogs have never been easier. This “eCatalog Collection” now also appears on our distributor partner and manufacturer rep’s websites as well.

Click here to see what ILSCO has to offer.

Click here to visit the entire SMART eCAT collection.

Cable Trays Versus Conduit
Steve Maurer, IME

Conduit is still the most popular choice for many electrical installations. In industrial applications, conduit gives more choices for the many and various environments found in industrial setting.

For example, food and beverage processing facilities will have harsh environments that can damage conductors easily. Some are caused by the process itself, while other conductor hazards come from the sanitation chemicals and processes used to ensure food and beverage safety.

Material Concerns in Explosion-Proof Product Design
Chuck Ross

Hazardous areas require special attention from specifiers. These are areas, as defined in the National Electrical Code, where a combustible atmosphere raises a risk of explosion if sparks or open flames or present. This risk could be the result of flammable gases, combustible vapors, combustible dust or easily ignitable fibers.

Cable Trays – Types, Construction, and Uses
Steve Maurer, IME

The use of cable trays is fairly widespread in countries outside the US. However, cable trays are gaining ground here as well. The offset of installation costs to the often more expensive approve cable is one reason. The ease with which reconfiguration of machinery and equipment is another.

Wireless lighting control solutions help overcome challenges in today’s construction market
Lutron Electronics

Commercial construction is booming but persistent labor shortages can present serious challenges. When it comes to lighting retrofits, simple, scalable wireless solutions can deliver simple-to-design, labor-saving systems that help meet scheduling, budget, and performance requirements on virtually any project.


BURNDY® Cable Pull Enhancement Product

The compression pulling head line makes BURNDY a one-stop-shop for all your cable pulling, terminating, splicing, taping, and installation tooling needs!


Mersen Minute: Hybrid DC Over Current Protecting Devices for Battery Applications

Mersen's Hybrid DC Overcurrent Protective Device is composed of a fast acting pyro element, controlled by a gate current, plus a parallel clearing element. This protection meets custom requirements of very fast operating time and very high overload current.

Electri-Flex Co.

Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Flexible Electrical Conduit by Electri-Flex

Brock Klein, Sales, and Henry Dominicis, Engineering, discuss benefits as well as perform tests on these features: corrosion-resistance, non-magnetic, and high crush strength. Applications for these types of conduits are also discussed.

Emerson Launches Greenlee® i-press® App
BURNDY® Announces Y10 Series Stripper/Cutter hand tools for copper/aluminum #22-#10 AWG
Lutron Reinforces Its Commitment to Dealers and Specifiers with a Beautifully Reimagined Experience Center and Training Facility in NYC
Wire Stripper/Crimper Multi-Tool features an innovative, versatile design
WAC Landscape Lighting Upgrades Hardscape LED Luminaires
Molex Announces Hybrid FTTA-PTTA Optical Cable Solutions
2nd Ave Lighting introduces 80” Wide Caliope Chandelier
Modern Forms introduces Vox, new Smart Fan for small spaces

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