December 29, 2016 Volume 15 Issue 304

Looking to install simple, scalable solutions on your next commercial project?

Introducing Vive Wireless Lighting Control

- Wireless simplifies installation 
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- Choose from a full suite of wireless controls
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- Simple setup and programming with the Vive wireless hub

- Ideal for offices, K-12, and university applications

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New LED Compatibility Tool

Lutron makes it easy for you to select the right bulb and C.L dimmer combination for your project >

Lutron C.L dimmers are certified to dim the broadest range of LED bulbs and alleviate common LED dimming challenges.

For more Lutron dimmer and bulb compatibility information > LED Product Selection Tool

Mersen MPDB Series: Now Rated for Fine-Strand Wire

Mersen power distribution blocks provide a safe and easy method of splicing cables, splitting primary power into secondary circuits and fulfilling requirements for fixed junction tap-off points. Many MPDB part numbers are now rated to accept DLO-type fine-strand wire, allowing users to install flexible conductors. UL and CSA approved.

New HDX TAP Cassettes - Making it Easier to Deploy Network Monitoring Systems in Fiber Networks

The smart way to monitor network traffic for performance, identify network trouble-spots, and analyze security risks in data-centers, enterprise networks and government installations. The capability to monitor and analyze network traffic can be invaluable in protecting an organizations security; optimizing networks resources and determining tech-upgrade requirements.

T&B Liquidtight Systems™ 316 stainless steel liquidtight fittings

Thomas & Betts has upgraded its line of T&B Liquidtight Systems™ stainless steel liquidtight fittings for stainless steel flexible conduit with SAE type 316 stainless steel, a marine-grade stainless steel with superior corrosion resistance.

The dome-shaped gland nut, unique to T&B metallic liquidtight fittings, prevents liquids from pooling at the electric box.

New USB PlugTrak from Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Combines Power & USB Charging for Raceways

USB PlugTrak is a convenient, portable, and reliable way to charge electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops USB PlugTrak features alternating tamper-resistant electrical wiring receptacles and USB outlets in one strip to improve space utilization and wire management when multiple devices are connected.

AMC-50QI Quick Install Connectors

Simply snap the connector onto the cable, squeeze the lever and set into the knockout. No tools required!  Easy removal too. Used to connect 14/2 to 10/3 AC/MC/MCI-A and 3/8” FMC.  cETLus Listed.

IDEAL Introduces Our New Line of Keystone Faceplates

IDEAL Keystone Face Plates are Standard midsized (2.75“ x 4.75“) faceplates in both white and ivory colors are available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 0 port configurations. 1 in. mounting screws are included and secured to the back of the faceplate. Blank inserts can be used to fill in unused faceplate ports.

CRC Introduces Lock Lube and De-Icer

A long lasting graphite lubricant that frees seized or frozen locks and mechanisms and loosens rusted lock parts. It is quick drying, non-staining and leaves no sticky residue. The convenient aerosol container is small enough to fit anywhere. Lock Lube and De-Icer melts ice, snow and frost and is safe on most plastics.

Motion Controllers for Networked PLCs

AMCI’s ANF1 & ANF2 stepper/servo controllers integrate a network connection and expansion capabilities to provide a modern, versatile motion control solution for any networked PLC-based system.  The modules are fully featured 1 or 2 axis motion controllers that communicate with the host controller (PLC or PAC) over the EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP, or Profibus-DP network.

Greenlee’s Intelli-PUNCH™ 11-Ton Battery-Hydraulic Knockout Driver

The Intelli-PUNCH™ tool features patent-pending Auto-Retract technology that senses pressure to accurately detect punch completion and automatically retract the ram, preventing damage to punch parts. Fastest knockout tool on the market with maximum cycle time of eight seconds, delivers 11-tons of force, punching up to 4-inch conduit-sized holes in 10-gauge mild or stainless steel.

Corrosion-Resistant, Lightweight, Liquidtight Conduit

Type ALT flexible electrical conduit weighs considerably less than standard liquidtight conduit. It’s jacketing is made of flexible PVC, resistant to oils and mild acids. The aluminum core makes it lightweight and corrosion-resistant; an ideal choice for corrosive environments, such as wastewater and water treatment facilities. It’s available in gray with working temperatures: -20°C - 80°C.

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