BURNDY VERSIPOLE Power Distribution Blocks

BURNDY VERSIPOLE Power Distribution Blocks
VERSIPOLE™ Configurable Series Power Distribution Blocks are used in panels and wireways for splicing cables and distributing power from primary run(s) to secondary/branch circuits. These new distribution blocks will be assembled in our Littleton, New Hampshire facility incorporating the aluminum block manufactured by CMC and the plastic components from a local New Hampshire manufacturer.

Each configuration is also now available in an “Open” style and “Finger-Safe” style. Although offered in standard 1, 2, or 3 pole configurations to support a variety of common run and tap combinations, the configurable series can also be designed to accommodate an infinite number of made-to-order combinations. Adders are available to expand the number of poles of an existing configuration, and optional translucent polycarbonate hinged covers are also available to provide increased user protection for the open styles.

Other Products by BURNDY® LLC

  • BURNDY® OEM175 Pneumatic Crimping Press

    BURNDY® OEM175 Pneumatic Crimping Press

    The OEM175 pneumatic crimping press is used to terminate small terminals on mylar tape reels. This compact bench top unit is perfect for small to medium volume OEMs including wire harness shops and panel builders. Designed to terminate #22-#10 AWG terminals on mylar tape, it features an auto feed mechanism along with a 2-stage ram for accurate conductor placement.

  • BURNDY® PATRIOT® PATCUT1500 Cable Cutter

    BURNDY® PATRIOT® PATCUT1500 Cable Cutter

    The PATRIOT® PATCUT1500 Cable Cutter is a battery powered, mechanically actuated cutting tool that is compact, easy to use and incorporates the latest in battery tool technology. The ergonomic design and positioning of controls provide single-handed operation and reduced operator fatigue for increased productivity.

  • BURNDY® WILEY Single-Hole Telecom WEEB® Washer

    BURNDY® WILEY Single-Hole Telecom WEEB® Washer

    The WILEY Telecom WEEB® (Washer, Electrical Equipment Bond) Washer is a powder coat and paint penetrating contact enhancing washer used between connectors and equipment frames, cabinets and other painted metallic surfaces to be bonded.

  • BURNDY® NEMA Spaced Panel Board Lugs

    BURNDY® NEMA Spaced Panel Board Lugs

    The new BURNDY terminals feature NEMA-standard spacing (1/2″ diameter stud holes spaced 1-3/4″ apart). Two sizes with range taking conductor ports cover from #2 AWG through 750 kcmil, the conductor ports are in a stacked arrangement to save space. Each size offers a configuration to accommodate 2, 3, or 4 conductors.

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