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  • BURNDY® HandyBug Connector


    BURNDY® HandyBug Connector

    A true “All-in-One” connector, allowing a contractor to buy and use the same connector for various types of terminations and bonding. The tongue has two holes, installation does not require any special tooling, is both UL Listed and CSA Certified, and is also rated for Direct Burial.

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    Clear Insulated Multi-Tap line addition to the UNITAP™ family that is UL Listed to the Wire Connector Standard UL486A-486B and CSA Certified for use with Flexible (Fine Stranded) Conductor. A “disc-pad” screw has been incorporated to prevent damage to the fine strands as the conductor is compressed during installation; eliminating the need for wire ferrules.

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  • The Advantages of Calbrite EMT Conduit


    The Advantages of Calbrite EMT Conduit

    Stainless steel EMT conduit and fittings combine strength with ductility, resulting in anaffordable, lightweight and easy-to-handle conduit assembly. EMT can be installed indoors and outdoors in accordance with UL & NEC® requirements.

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  • RACO: STAB-iT™ with Cable Management

    Raco, Inc. - Hubbell

    RACO: STAB-iT™ with Cable Management

    Hubbell RACO® is very excited and proud to introduce their new line of STAB-iT™ Cable Boxes. This revolutionary new line of boxes are designed specifically to eliminate all the extra components needed for installing armored cable into a 4” square box or switch box on any job where armored cable is being used. These products are UL Listed and patent pending.

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  • Maestro Sensors: How to Customize Settings

    Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

    Maestro Sensors: How to Customize Settings

    Lutron offers a variety of sensors to meet the needs of any space, including sensor switches, dual-circuit switches, and dimmer sensors. Learn how to customize settings such as, change the timeout, sensor mode and motion sensitivity.<br>For additional help choosing the right sensor, <a href="">View Sensor Selection Tool for the Trade</a>

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  • Mercmaster™ LED Low Profile Luminaires

    Appleton Grp LLC

    Mercmaster™ LED Low Profile Luminaires

    Hazardous location and ordinary location luminaires designed for lighting industrial environments requiring greater clearance levels along with reduced energy consumption. With an installed profile of only six inches, the luminaires' installed depth is approximately 25 percent less than its nearest competitor and consumes 65 percent less energy than a standard HID.<br>

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  • Sentron Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB)

    Siemens Industry, Inc.

    Sentron Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB)

    Learn about the basic technical specifications of Siemens' Sentron family, how to select catalog numbers, and what the product criteria selection is for choosing a breaker.

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  • Calbrite - Pipe vs. Conduit

    Calpipe Industries

    Calbrite - Pipe vs. Conduit

    This video explores the various benefits of stainless conduit over pipe.<br><br>Calbrite offers a complete line of stainless steel conduit, fittings and accessories engineered for superior wire &amp; cable protections in harsh and corrosive environments.

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