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Burndy-US, a Hubbell affiliate
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4-2/0CU 1IPS
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16-14 N/I Butt Connector
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    BURNDY® PATMD6-LI 18 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery Actuated Tool
    BURNDY® PATMD6-LI 18 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery Actuated Tool

    The PATMD6-LI series of tools incorporate a high speed hydraulic pump generating 6 tons of crimping force and completes a crimp (YS28 4/0 copper  cable) in approximately 2 seconds. This design provides a consistent, reliable connection every time.

    BURNDY® HandyBug Connector
    BURNDY® HandyBug Connector

    A true “All-in-One” connector, allowing a contractor to buy and use the same connector for various types of terminations and bonding. The tongue has two holes, installation does not require any special tooling, is both UL Listed and CSA Certified, and is also rated for Direct Burial.


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BURNDY Stainless Steel Barb Cable Ties

BURNDY® Finger-Safe Kits used with VERSIPOLE™ Configurable Power Distribution Blocks

BURNDY® Aluminum Lay-in Lugs for solar panel applications

  • BURNDY® Compression Pulling Heads
    BURNDY® Compression Pulling Heads

    Only 6 compression pulling heads for wire ranging from #1 AWG – 1000 kcmil for both Aluminum and Copper wire.  Available in 5 different lanyard lengths to stagger the compression pulling heads to prevent overlay.  Only 1 tool required to crimp the entire line!

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  • BURNDY Mechanical Substation Connector Design
    BURNDY Mechanical Substation Connector Design

    This module will provide an overview of basic electrical substation interconnection principles.

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