BURNDY Fence Fabric Ground Clamps



  • BURNDY Fence Fabric Ground Clamps
    BURNDY Fence Fabric Ground Clamps

    Easily attached to the wire mesh of a chain link fence (barbed wire too), this unique design allows the clamp to form a connection at virtually any angle. Five sizes cover #8 conductor up to 2/0. Installed using a standard torque wrench, these clamps are perfect for electrical or substation contractors to ground their fences.

Other Products by BURNDY® LLC

  • BURNDY® HandyBug™ Connector

    BURNDY® HandyBug™ Connector

    The HandyBug™ connector is UL Listed, CSA Certified, and Direct Burial rated. Sizes accommodate from #10 AWG Solid to #2 AWG Solid or #2 AWG Stranded to 1/0 AWG and feature a two hole tongue. The HandyBug™ connector functions as a split bolt, splice, or a termination for wires to a bus bar or other flat surface.

  • BURNDY® Aluminum Lay-in Lugs for solar panel applications

    BURNDY® Aluminum Lay-in Lugs for solar panel applications

    The new BURNDY aluminum lay-in lugs are for use with frames with a maximum thickness of 1/4 inch and can be used for cable to bus or cable to steel connections where the lay-in feature is necessary. Manufactured using high strength aluminum alloy. The connectors are UL467 and UL2703 Listed.



    The BURNDY® WIREMIKECI is easily accessible and can confirm any finished crimp when using butting “U” dies crimped with BURNDY 750, 46, 39, and 35 series of installation tools. This tool is used in a variety of applications when verifying the size of stranded, solid, and DLO (Diesel Locomotive) wire for Copper and Concentric and Compact wire for Aluminum.

  • BURNDY® Cold Seal Splice Kits

    BURNDY® Cold Seal Splice Kits

    The BURNDY CSB and CSJ series of cold applied splice sealing products are made of specially formulated silicone rubber offering excellent insulation and moisture proof sealing for in-line cable connector systems or elbow to cable jacket applications. Generally used to insulate wires, connections, joints, and terminals in electrical work.