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5-Lvl Liq Lvl Snsr,(98041201)
Part #: 408-115
5-Lvl Liq Lvl Snsr,(98041201)
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  • LSI Industries
    LSI AirLink™ Controlled Lighting Fixtures
    LSI AirLink™ Controlled Lighting Fixtures

    Introducing LSI AirLink™ Controlled Lighting, a new family of controlled LED luminaries featuring integrated Lutron® Clear Connect™ compatible RF Technology that delivers superior performance and eliminates the complexity commonly associated with traditional lighting controls.

  • GE Lighting
    GE Lighting Series From the Institute - LED Best Practices
    GE Lighting Series From the Institute - LED Best Practices

    Senior Lighting Specialist Roy Sierleja talks about LED best practices.


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  • LED Controls
    LED Controls

    Lutron manufactures controls that dim LED lights and LED drivers in commercial and residential spaces. The Hi-lume® A-Series LED driver is the world’s first LED driver to offer smooth, continuous 1% dimming for virtually any LED fixture, making it the most versatile LED driver available today. View Lutron’s selection tool for more information on dimming and controlling LEDs.


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