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Arlington Industries, Inc.
Arlington Industries, Inc.
1 Stauffer Industrial Park
Scranton, PA 18517

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Part #: FB4150
FAN BOX 10.3 CU 100PK
Part #: DSBVR1C
Part #: TVBU507BL
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Arlington Industries, Inc.


  • Arlington Industries, Inc.
    Arlington Industries Gangable Box
    Arlington Industries Gangable Box

    Arlington’s UL Listed gangable concrete floor boxes give installers the economical, convenient way to add receptacles in new concrete pours in commercial installations. Use the single gang box ‘as shipped’ or lock them together to build a two- or three-gang box. You decide.

  • Arlington Industries, Inc.
    Arlington GC50 and GC75 Grounding Electrode Connector
    Arlington GC50 and GC75 Grounding Electrode Connector

    They install from inside or outside a metal panel or metal enclosure, through one of the existing 1/2" knockouts. There’s no need to modify the box or enclosure to accommodate the connector! GC50 and GC75 provide excellent strain relief for grounding conductors. Listed for use with stranded and solid copper and aluminum wire.


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Floor Box Cover Kits with Ultra-thin steel flanges deliver flush installation

Gangable Floor Box with PLASTIC covers

Prevent air-infiltration with Nail-on Vapor Box for devices

  • T-Box™ for Suspended Ceiling Grids
    T-Box™ for Suspended Ceiling Grids

    Arlington’s UL Listed T-Box™, in TWO styles, is the easy, cost-effective way to mount a fan/fixture on a suspended ceiling grid – at the cross or on the straightaway.

    FB428SC (metal hanger) holds up to 70 lbs.
    F428SC (plastic hanger) for fixtures (only) up to 50 lbs.

    Other uses: smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, security cameras, exit signs, emergency lighting.

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